#596: Thai Kitchen Lemongrass & Chili Instant Rice Noodle Soup

Yeah, I know – two ramens in one day? But these be small. Anyways, I wanted to see if switching back to a different camera worked better. I’m still unsure… Lemongrass and chili eh? Okay let’s do this.

Here’s the back panel… Click image to enlarge.

Chili oil and powder seasoning.

Awaiting the noodles and water.

Click image to enlarge. Added an egg. Well, much like the last review, the stuff sucked up most all of the water. The difference this time however is that its funky. The pungent lemongrass flavor overwhelms; felt like I was eating a bowl of tartar sauce. Really disappointing. 1.5 out of 5.0 stars. Find it here.

Haha – bad fish sauce sounds raunchy!

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