#458: Ve Wong Kung-Fu Artificial Beef Flavor Instant Oriental Noodle Soup

Hai Ya! Yet another bowl of Ve Wong’s Kung-Fu line or instant oriental noodle soups! Today it’s artificial beef flavor. Dig it!

Seasoned oil to the left, some powdery stuff to the right. Big silver packet so maybe some veggies?

Yup – veggies and soup base on the left and the seasoned oil on the right surfing atop the noodle block.

Click image to enlarge. One egg added – one fried egg. Let’s see here… The noodles were as they usually are – pretty good and slightly mushy. The broth was just salty enough, had a nice beef like flavor – very artificial… The veggies were quite abundant – I like that. Was great! 3.75 out of 5.0 stars for this sub-$1 bowl!

This place looks like they make the non-artificial style noodle soup! That thing is groovy!

Yeah – a history of forks!

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