#449: Wu-Mu Beef Flavor Ramen Mi Bo

This package was part of a five pack found at a 99 Ranch near Anaheim, CA. I’ve never seen such a basic variety from Wu-Mu before and it really piqued my curiosity. Wu-Mu prides itself on being a more premium brand and doesn’t fry their noodles but steams them. The result is less fat this whole pack has only 4g fat, compared to something like 14-22 grams in a fried instant noodle. Let’s see how this stuff is for breakfast with a couple of eggs.

Some oil, some powder seasoning. The oil looks like it may be a little spicy – not sure on this one. Taiwanese folks seem to like their noodles hot – especially the beef flavored ones it seems!

A little bit of vegetable in with the powder seasoning – probably some onion or something. That oil looks sinister as it it is ready to pounce on the taste buds with fury! I cooked the noodles in two cups of water for 4 minutes – the packaging didn’t say how much water to use so I went with the just about two cups / 400cc reasoning, since that’s how much 99% of the instant noodles I’ve tried call for.

Click image to enlarge. I added two fried eggs with medium firm yolks. When I put the cooked noodles and broth in the bowl, I was greeted with a nice sweet smell – it  was very pleasant. After some stirring, I added the eggs atop as you see in the picture. First off, the noodles were cooked as per directions on the packaging. They were excellent – very chewy and firm! Also there were an ample amount of them. The broth is spicy and sweet and beefy – very much to my liking. This was really good stuff – 4.5 out of 5.0 stars – surprised to be giving these such a high rating – beyond expectations! I hope to find the other Wu-Mu varieties like this soon!


  1. ahh, yes! thank you! another non-fried ramen to add to the list to look for! i keep a list in my head of ramen brands to look for. could you tag a ramen as “non fried” any time you do a review? it would really make things easier! (although i am going through every single review on your site now :D)
    i think it should get an automatic bonus rating for being non-fried yet still on par with the fried noodles.

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