#431: Unif Tung-I Chinese Onion Flavor Instant Rice Noodles


I’ve reviewed  a ton of the Unif noodles, but it’s been quite a while. Here’s a Unif rice noodle – Chinese onion.

Two packets – powdered seasoning and seasoned oil.

I got a little of the oil on my finger – boy is it pungent stuff! Had an almost putrid strong smell.

Click image to enlarge.  I was expecting these noodles to be a little slimy and clumpy, but they were not. The broth is salty and very onionny. It’s not bad stuff, and worth having again if you are a crazed cultist of the church of onion. Like Funyun stew. 2.75 out of 5.0 stars. Get it here.



  1. I had these before. They sold them at Wegmans since that store have a lot of international and organic products not to mention the typical American fare. LOL. The noodles were alright, but definitely not my favorite.

  2. Oh no! 🙁 This is my FAVORITE ramen of all time! I only use 1/4 of the seasoning packet but I love the oil packet and use all of it. Sorry to hear both of you did not like it. 🙁 But I am Taiwanese-American and this has been the one I requested the most ever since I was a little kid (one time on a Girl Scout camping trip, I was a brat and kept demanding this…everyone thought I was crazy and a fob because I kept demanding this by its Chinese name, even though I am American…)

    1. Gosh looking at your pictures of this makes me so hungry right now right before bed… 😛 The only complaint I have about this packet is that the amount of noodles is way too small (I love the rice noodles). I used to always have to eat 2 packs of this if I wanted a meal; 1 pack is only like a snack. Interestingly, I don’t like any other Tung-I brands.

  3. I had this tonight and thought the broth was quite good, very strong onion flavor like you mentioned, but I really disliked the noodles. There were several things wrong with them in my opinion, the first being that you must actually boil them. Most instant rice soups only require boiling water to be poured over, and covered for 3 minutes. These, after boiling for 3 minutes on the stove, were still somewhat chewy and hard. Second, I think they were way too thin and much prefer a wider, flat noodle. Thats why I was so surprised at how long they take to cook, usually tiny noodles cook fast. Third, they absorbed absolutely none of the broth flavor. I felt like I was eating onion soup, with plain rice noodles on the side. Not so excited about trying the beef flavor now. ..and whew, I can smell the stench of what is like burned onion on my breath. It is almost putrid, like you said. Dont eat this before a hot date!

    My personal rating: Broth – 3/5, Noodles 2/5 = 2.5/5

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