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#2806: Nissin Cup Noodles Light Seafood Flavour

#2806: Nissin Cup Noodles Light Seafood Flavour

Here’s a new one from Hong Kong – a light Cup Noodles. I’ve had many of the Light+ varieties from Japan and loved them. Curious if this will be similar? Let’s crack the lid open and have a look inside! ...see full post

#2060: Nissin Cup Noodle Light Plus Cheese Fondue

During the Nissin Japan Meet The Manufacturer, I reviewed 15 varieties. Well, Daisuke-san from Nissin Japan sent many more – amazing varieties that I get to put into the regular rotation and share with you now! Thank you again, Daisuke-san! This is one of the new new Cup Noodle Light varieties – let’s take a look! By the way – he mentioned that just recently, Cup Noodle(s) has been enjoyed over 40 BILLION times since the 1970s! Wow! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1992: Nissin Cup Noodle Light Ratatouille

Hey think I’ve seen a movie with this name. But I know the dish ratatouille existed long, lobg before it. What’s ratatouille? Wikipedia, if you please: ...see full post

Re-Review: Meet The Manufacturer: Nongshim Kal Guk Soo Korean Style Noodle Soup

I reviewed this about a year ago – at number 442. Well, let’s give it another review! It’s a bit different than other instants I’ve had from Nongshim. Here’s what it says on their website: ...see full post

Not Noodles

So when I’m not eating instant noodles, I eat other things. Here’s one of them. A can of Progresso Light Chicken Noodles soup with some dehydrated onion and a spoonful of Mae Ploy yellow curry and a few dozen grains of rice in there. Pretty awesome stuff. ...see full post

#152: Wu-Mu Steamed Noodle Garlic and Sesame Oil Flavor

So I was going to 99 Ranch Market in Edmonds to get some 33 cent green onions but also got some of these noodles on sale for 99 cents. Good deal! ...see full post