#152: Wu-Mu Steamed Noodle Garlic and Sesame Oil Flavor

So I was going to 99 Ranch Market in Edmonds to get some 33 cent green onions but also got some of these noodles on sale for 99 cents. Good deal!

Three packets – vegetables, oil and sauce.

The veggies cooked in a pot with the noodles. I had some fun with the oil and sauce heh heh heh!

Click image to enlarge. Here’s the deal on this one. It is very very light flavored. The garlic and sesame oil are by no means heavy In fact, I took a bite of this stuff and found it to be so light that it required some additional ingredients. So a fried egg, green onion, kizami shoga, fried shallot and a splash of soy sauce came into play.

So this is a tough review. I found the veggie and noodles themselves to be superb – very good noodles and ample veggies. The flavor was so light though. It’s strength is that it so easily lent itself as a springboard to other ingredients; they all intermingled together so well together; green onion and sesame and egg and garlic. It was a very delicious and surprisingly light tasting meal. These noodles require some extras and I have decided to rate them upon that requirement. This was some awesome stuff. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. Blam and wow.

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