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#185: Shirakiku Fresh Japanese Style Udon Sanukiya Udon

MMMMMM – fresh udon! Plus, its being enjoyed while we watch the Maury show and watch people yell and freak out at eachother.

So the noodles and liquid go in the bowl with water and gets microwaved for 3 minutes. After that, some stirring and the flake packet go in…

Click image to enlarge. So here’s the finished product… Good stuff! First off, if you get the backstage hug from Maury Povich, you know you’ve fucked up. Well, no hugs for the Shirakiku Sanukiya Udon! This stuff is very tasty. The noodles are chewy and ample. The veggies are a little mushy but have a nice taste, and the broth is perfect. I’m giving this a 3.75 out of 5.0 stars – it has some serious tasty flavor! Get it here.

#152: Wu-Mu Steamed Noodle Garlic and Sesame Oil Flavor

So I was going to 99 Ranch Market in Edmonds to get some 33 cent green onions but also got some of these noodles on sale for 99 cents. Good deal!

Three packets – vegetables, oil and sauce.

The veggies cooked in a pot with the noodles. I had some fun with the oil and sauce heh heh heh!

Click image to enlarge. Here’s the deal on this one. It is very very light flavored. The garlic and sesame oil are by no means heavy In fact, I took a bite of this stuff and found it to be so light that it required some additional ingredients. So a fried egg, green onion, kizami shoga, fried shallot and a splash of soy sauce came into play.

So this is a tough review. I found the veggie and noodles themselves to be superb – very good noodles and ample veggies. The flavor was so light though. It’s strength is that it so easily lent itself as a springboard to other ingredients; they all intermingled together so well together; green onion and sesame and egg and garlic. It was a very delicious and surprisingly light tasting meal. These noodles require some extras and I have decided to rate them upon that requirement. This was some awesome stuff. 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. Blam and wow.

#142: Nissin Original Chow Mein Teriyaki Beef Flavor Chow Mein Noodles

So this is what you’ll find at your local grocery store in the United States. I picked this one up at a dollar store. Looked interesting so thought I’d give it a go. I’m always looking for the exotic and felt I was kind of missing the more domestic and such. How can I be a true Ramen Rater without trying the stuff from across the ocean as well as in my backyard?

Click image to enlarge. Much in tune with the Nissin Yakisoba box I reviewed a couple weeks ago, the instructions are on the package inside as well as the back. This one however has no drain spout. Also, no draining is required – the only instructions are for microwave.

A liquid pack and a veggie pack. I stuck the veggies  in with the noodles, filled up to the extremely helpful and prominent arrow fill line and microwaved for 5 minutes…

It came out very nicely (click image to enlarge). The noodles were broad with a nice chew and good quality. The veggies hydrated very well.. The flavor from the liquid pack was great – the teriyaki beef was absolutely delicious. I must say for a bowl/box of noodles, this was top notch. 4.5 of 5.0 stars. Get it here. UPC bar code 070662087237.

Homemade Multi-Cultural Noodles

I’m a big fan of instant noodles – such a big fan that I started www.ramenrater.com to review different varieties. Of all things ramen, I’ve come up with this homemade noodle recipe, taking ingredients from all over the far east and orient.

First, I needed noodles. These were found in Edmonds at 99 Ranch Market. Not only are they my favorite thickness of noodle and cook up fast, but they’re fat free.

This is sweet soy sauce. I’ve seen it used alot in Indomie brand instant noodles from Indonesia. Thick and sweet soy syrup type of stuff. I got this bottle just because of the brand name. They’re really all the same as far as I can tell, but BANGO is a cool name. Also from 99 Ranch Market.

This is great stuff. It’s a sweet chili sauce that compliments the soy. Also from Indonesia, purchased at 99 Ranch Market.

These eggs are from the exotic climes of Safeway. I recently learned how to boil eggs – yeah I know so STFU… I cook lots of stuff, just not hard boiled eggs alot – until now!

So in a big soup bowl, put some Manis Pedas and sweet soy sauce in the bowl. Awesome – it’s starting to get colorful!

I also put a tiny bit of olive oil in there – Usually, Indomie’s flavor sachets contain chili sauce, sweet soy, and a packet called seasoned oil. So a little bit of this and a shake of Cajun seasoning went in. I think next time perhaps an airplane bottle with a ton of minced garlic in it would be great – let it sit for a while and bam – seasoned oil.

Such beautiful egginess – you would eat these eggs if I asked you to I imagine!

Things are starting to come together, so let’s bring the garnish out of the fridge. This is pickled ginger – and not the sushi stuff, but the kind you’d find on yakisoba. This is your standard Shirakiku brand, which should be available at most major grocery stores. I got mine at Uwajimaya.

So here’s the noodle cake ready to be dropped in the cauldron. Note the strainer! Cook them for three minutes, drain well, then drop em into the bowl and stir like a maniac.

Now drop those sliced eggs on there. don’t mix them in though – that’s kind of silly. Use a little pinch of this egg seasoning on them. Got this at India Sweets & Spices in Shoreline. It’s also time to put on the pickled ginger.

So here’s the final result! Click on the image to see the neato details. The coolness is fun and the taste flavor is excellent! Modify this recipe to your heart’s content! Some ideas could be to add chicken bouillon in there somewhere, as the sauce as flavoring is rather strong. Some kind of bumbu dry seasoning would make it a bit more authentic too.