#4434: Ippudo Karaka Spicy Ramen – Japan

#4619: Ippudo Karaka Spicy Ramen - Japan

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Spicy, eh? Here’s what Ippudo has to say – ‘The original “Tonkotsu” (pork) broth with an added kick, thin noodles with Ippudo’s special blend of hot spices, topped with pork belly chashu, cabbage, sesame kikurage mushrooms.’

Oh definitely – let’s cook it up!

Ippudo Karaka Spicy – Japan

#4619: Ippudo Karaka Spicy Ramen - Japan

Here’s the fancy box that this and two other varieties arrived in.

Detail of the side panels (click to enlarge). Contains pork. To prepare, boil noodle for 15~30 seconds in 400ml boiling water. Add in sachet contents. Finally, stir and enjoy!

Detail of the inside of the box (click to enlarge).

Shelf stable fresh noodle.

A large soup base sachet.

Unsure – fascinated…

Perhaps an oil sachet?

Possibly the spicy element.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added egg, chashu, sesame seed, mung bean sprout, and spring onion. Noodle is thin with a great tooth – really nice. The broth is super tasty and downright yummy. Spiciness is a nice inclusion and not violent. The little mound of miso with minced meat is pure food lover candy – if you like things such as Lao Gan Ma, chili crisp, this is something completely different – but you’ll want to evangelize it to your friends. Just awesome. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.  JAN bar code 4979385061523.

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