Big Donation: Indofood CBP – Indomie!

I got an email that a package was sent to me from Indomie CBP in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 16th! Well, it arrived on the 21st! Five days from Jakarta – that was impressive!

They were worried that even though they included all the proper paperwork that the samples might not make it past US Customs authorities – looks like it did!

Thinly sliced paper! Great packing!

Oh wow – 19 different local Indonesian varieties of Indomie – 3 of each of them. Oh wow! Going to be doing a Meet The Manufacturer with them soon as well and you can bet I’ll be checking these out with glee! Thanks go to Susienta at Indomie in Jakarta for this amazing shipment! I think I say on behalf of the readers of the site that are from Indonesia, you’ve done an awesome thing! Thank you!


  1. Wow! Your story reminds me about “another box of Indomie”.
    I came from Indonesia to Thailand, brought a big box of “Indomie Goreng” to my Thai friend in Bangkok. Unfortunately I could not meet him when I arrived in Bangkok though we were at the same place in Suvarnabhumi airport. It was strange :D. I brought that box with me to Pattaya, where I stayed. After a week I brought again the box to Bangkok and…..hmmm finally I could give to him 😀

  2. Very nice! Because of your blog, Indomie is probably my new favorite instant noodle brand. I’m very jealous!

    As an aside, what container do you use to prepare Indomie noodles at work? I want something like the yakisoba containers with a drain spout but in a non-disposable form, i.e. glass.

    1. Hey there – glad you enjoy the site! What I would recommend for work is getting two square plastic containers. drop the noodles and boiling water in and then use the plastic cover to seal it. While it’s steeping, put the flavoring packets and everything in the other container. The other container’s lid could have a few holes poked in the corner. After a few minutes, put the lid from container two on container one securely and then drain away – then dump the noodles in the second container and stir and book. Only thing is that there’s a lot more dishes to deal with. I’ve seen people bring it already made to work but fresh is best I think.

      Hope this helps!

      – TRR

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