The Ramen Rater: Nongshim America Visit

I’ve been waiting for everything to be all set up to post about this, but I have excellent news! Nong Shim America has invited my wife and I to come and tour their plant in Rancho Cucamonga, California! They’re going to fly us down for a weekend in late May where we will take a tour, sample their products and do an interview! This is about as cool as it gets! Want to say thanks to Nong Shim America for this wonderful opportunity for us to see a real instant noodle factory and to be able to bring it to everyone who enjoys the website! I’ll mention this again as time draws nearer. We’re very excited!


  1. THIS IS AWESOME!! Your adoration of noodles is being recognized and rewarded. I can never, and I mean EVER eat ramen without thinking, “How would TRR make them better?”, and I am absolutely stoked for you guys.

  2. After you get famous and are hosting your own noodle show on the Food Channel, don’t forget about us 🙂

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