Ramen For What Ails Ya – Special Recipe

You may have been wondering, “why so few reviews this week?” Well, to put it mildly, I’m sick. Had this horrible nagging cough for three weeks. Didn’t make it to work two weeks ago, made it this week and then the whole thing kicked into ultra overdrive. We’re talking about staying in bed all day people. Mucus flowing like the Mississippi. I’m starting the slow path to recovery thanks in no small part to my wife and my sister’s kindness. Today I decided that after being upo for quite a while I’d better make myself eat something. I decided to go with some chicken Top Ramen.

Used a can of chicken broth for the broth…

Some onion bits sounded therapeutic.

Here is just the broth and onion bits.

Then I added the seasoning packet. **NOTE: I would recommend adding about 1/3 can of water also as the can of broth isn’t two cups.

Eggy-weggs… I would like… To smash ’em! No, I’ll just lightly smash it and add it after the noodles have been cooking for two minutes.

I dro pit straight in on the eggs. I then give it 20 seconds or so – covered.

Then I break the yolk and let it ooze like… I dunno something that oozes. Sorry – not feeling very Thesaurusophical right now… Cover for another minute or so…

Finished (click image to enlarge).  First I put it at the table and sat over it and breathed in the steam – like a chicken soup humidifier – was actually kind of nice. The thing tastes pretty good and it’s not making me make more of the accursed mucus of which I deplore so much. I would definitely go with an extra 1/3 can of water – or chicken broth (but then you’ve got the other 2/3 can leftover and have to figure out what to do with it – use water it’ll be okay. really.) as the seasoning packet does make things a wee bit salty with the can being less than 2 cups. Whatever you do DON’T USE LESS PACKET – that really grinds my gears. I got the sick. Don’t grind my gears.

Bon appetit!

Here are some videos of my favorite comfort foods when I’m sick. First, the almighty McNugget – as introduced in 1982.

Who better than David Cross to announce the finest meal ever.

I usually get the Marie Callendar’s or the Stouffer’s – they’re kickass. But I remember when these came out – oh yeah.

Not my fave but yeah, I’d eat that right now. Maybe a newer one.

My mom didn’t make pot pie but we would go to the top floor of the Frederick & Nelson department store in Seattle Washington when I was a kid and you could sit by the window and look out at the city and hear horrible piano playing and have the finest, most wonderful chicken pot pie known to humankind served in a dish thing.

Wow I remember this…

When I was a kid, my mom would take me to The Arcade, a store in the basement of Frederick & Nelson! They had every flavor of Jelly Belly jellybeans and I would get a crapload of them.  Here’s some shots of the store. Wish I could find some pictures of the 8th Floor restaurant – I remember being able to see that Weisfeld’s Jewelers sign from up there as I ate my pot pie.

Crazy – if that mobile home place is where I think it is, it’s a sty now…

Was watching this show on May 18, 1980 when Mt St Helens blew up – thought my mom fell down the stairs.

Neat filler clip of Seattle from the mid-80’s.

To finish things out, I’ve been looking for this commercial for years and lo n’ behold, here it is. See, I grew up in a small town between Seattle and the Canadian border called Anacortes. Well, about 40 minute north is Bellingham, a college town with the KVOS TV station. They’re so close to Canada thjat they actually have an office in Canada too so you got to see US as well as Canadian commercials – was pretty trippy. Anyways, this guy was a constant fixture during commercial breaks.


  1. Beautiful pot of chicken broth ramen – I can almost smell the goodness.

    I remember a few times at F & N’s restaurant with the chicken pot pie (that pastry crust!) and even seeing a fashion show there. The Arcade shops were epic. The only thing like that now is Harrod’s in London. I miss the roasted nut counter.

    1. Yes thank you I think its helping – I just ran the dishes!

      Yeah I kinda of decided to get all early growing up TV nostalgic – remember the Malacca guy?

      In California Von’s (aka Safeway) has a ‘Nut Bar’ – much like the olive bars at the Safeways here – they have all sorts of em and you can make your own mixes.

      O snap guess what? I yanked that tooth out! I got all screw it and pulled it out! Raaaaaah!!!! A definite plus!

      Thanks for coming down yesterday and exposing yourself to the plague!

      Love ya!

      – Hans TRR

  2. Sorry that you’re feeling puny. You should try some freshly grated ginger root in the broth of your broth. Hope you feel better soon. I look forward to your posts.

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