#575: Batchelors Super Noodles Barbecue Beef Flavour

Here we go – I didn’t get to making anything to eat today until around 6pm so I thought this sounded filling. Thanks to Cindy C. from Middlesex, England for donating these!

Here’s the  back on the packaging (click image to enlarge).

I’m still completely awestruck with the simple genius of putting diffrent reipes on the packets. I could see this being a serious collecting thing over here.


The powder is waiting, the powder is waiting.

Click image to enlarge. I added a couple of fried eggs which I sprinkled some Krazy Mixed Up Salt on. The noodles are pretty good – like cheap instant noodle noodles. The barbecue flavor? Well, it’s good but not overpowering. I see that there are versions of Super Noodles with ‘sauce’ – I wonder if they’re a little stronger… Anyways, this is pretty good stuff. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars! You can try it here.

Kelloggs eh?

Okay a quick pause from Thanksgiving.


  1. Uh oh, it says ‘made by batchelors, ONLY for batchelors on the back. Are you gonna get in trouble by the ramen police? Youre no batchelor, not anymore! I’d venture to say you were never a batchelor at all, and instead a bachelor! You botched your bachelor status when you got married and left the batch of batchelors behind!

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