September 3, 2011

#496: Maruchan Yakisoba With Shrimp

Got this one at Walmart. Was pretty sure I hadn’t tried it and was right so here goes.

Instructions: add a cup of water and packet one. Microwave 4 minutes. Then add packet two and stir and bam you got it.

Packet one had veggies, two was the powder seasoning.

Looks like it should be shrimpy!

Finished. So most of the veggies came out of the container in the microwave. Pretty lame there. The other lame thing is that it doesn’t really taste much like shrimp at all. However it does taste like garlic – a flavoring close to my heart  and I enjoy that. Hmm… I wouldn’t call this great but it isn’t unpalatable. It doesn’t say garlic noodles though. 2.75 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 041789007057 Find it here.

The Japanese one looks better…

Ramen Rater blurb on Seattle’s KOMO AM 1000