#436: Unif Bowl Instant Noodles – Artificial Beef With Sauerkraut Flavor

Wow look at this one – all purple and yellow… Very different looking than anything I’ve seen yet. And the flavor – beef and sauerkraut? I wonder if it’s going to be any good? Well, let’s have at it!

So purple packet must be the sauerkraut, next to it would be the seasoned oil and below the powder seasoning. A fork! I did a mention of this one before in the special fork report so no need to do it again.

Would you look at that – kind of scary eh? Time to add boiling water and give ‘er a try…

Click image to enlarge. Here we are. So first off, it’s spicy and I really did not expect that at all. Strong cabbage taste – that’s what sauerkraut is so logical… The broth is salty and kind of a beef taste but reminds me slightly of bad milk. The noodles aren’t bad but unimpressive. Hmm. I’m still a little moved by the interesting nature of these noodles. It’s a very very different flavor that’s for sure. Despite some weirdness, it’s strangely addicting and is getting 3.75 stars out of 5.0. It’s definitely worth checking out!

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