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#3863: Sanyang Yishi Classic Guilin Rice Noodle – China

#3863: Sanyang Yishi Classic Guilin Rice Noodle - China

This one has an interesting preparation method and I’m honestly really excited to try it. I’ve seen many varieties that kind of look like this. My wife Kit was awesome – while our car has been down for the count, she went out shopping and checked whether I’d tried varieties and got me this one to try! She’s the best – let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1917: IbuRamen Mi Goreng Bento Noodles In A Box Hot, Sweet & Sour Flavor

The last time I had one of these, I found something fascinating inside. The sachets all say Mexi Ramen on them, a brand I have reviewed once in the past (actually it was my 500th review). The package said it was MexiRamen. This one is clearly mentioning mi goreng, a Southeast Asian delicacy, and Bento, a Japanese style meal. Let’s crack this box open and have a look inside. ...see full post

#193: Boss Noodle Shrimp (Tom Yum) Flavour

Okay so here’s an interesting one. I saw that it was made and distributed by  Walong Marketing so wasn’t sure if Boss Noodle was the brand. But as far as I can tell, these are branded under the Boss Noodle name by Walong so I’m okay with that. During the research I also found Boss Noodle also brought up Big Boss Noodles (swimming devices) and Boss Noodle (anime). ...see full post