#500: Mexi-Ramen Soupless Ramen Shallot Teriyaki Flavor

So my in-laws sent me this unique pack from California. My wife’s dad’s co-worker was eating it and so he got one from him and her mom sent it my way! Thank you! I’ve never heard of Mexi-Ramen before this, nor have I seen it anywhere before. I think my first reaction is confusion: Mexi+Teriyaki+Made In Malaysia+Sold in USA = I’m not sure. So not I shall open the package and attempt to relate what that equation’s solution is… And so… Bring on REVIEW NUMBER FIVE HUNDRED!!!

The packets… I didn’t expect four of them – very nice! We have chili powder, a liquid sauce, some seasoning powder and some kind of veggies.

Here’s everything sitting in a bowl awaiting the next step. Now as you can see from the label, these are ‘Soupless Ramen’ noodles. This stuff gets prepared just like Indomie instant Mi Goreng. So there’s your Malaysian influence.

Click image to enlarge. The finished product. So the noodles aren’t too shabby but they’re not all that great… They could use a little higher quality noodle I think. The sauce and seasoning combo was nice – sweet and reminiscent of Mi Goreng Satay.  So ‘Soupless Ramen’ makes sense for a product to be marketed in the US that’s based on the standard style Malaysian and Indonesian instants are purveyed. The Mexi though – it makes sense!!! If you go to the Mexi-Ramen website, there’s a Habanero Chicken variety as well as Spicy Shrimp.

So for a rating. It had a decent fflavor but a lackluster consistency. The bit of veggies didn’t re-hydrate very well at all and I already mentioned the noodles. I’m giving this one 2.5 out of 5.0 stars.

I’d like to thank my wife Christine for driving me around to all sorts of Asian groceries all the time to get new noodles – without her, none of this would be possible! I love you Kit!

Well, there’s 500 down! Onward towards 1000! Here’s a special video, from me to you.


  1. I loved Mexi Ramen until they discontinued it. Since then I’ve been trying to find a replacement. I saw your review on Mi Goreng so I am giving it a try. Is that the most similar or is there something else you recommend?

  2. No need to look for Mexi Ramen. 🙂 I received this from them today after I inquired as to where I could find it:

    “Unfortunately, Mexi-Ramen has decided to leave the U.S. market due to lack of retail support with the mainstream supermarkets. Without their support the company cannot survive.

    Our last order went to 99 Cents Only about 7 weeks back and we are not sure which stores received Mexi-Ramen.

    Thank you for your past patronage with Mexi-Ramen products.

    Dave Lucas

    Mexi-Ramen USA”

      1. I loved Mexi Ramen (found at the 99 cents store) until they discontinued it. I saw your review on Mi Goreng so I am giving it a try. Is there something else you recommend similar to Mexi Ramen or is Mi Goreng it?

  3. The Pollo-Habanero ROCKS! The 99cent store here had them 8 for a dollar. I bought all they had and have been on the look out for more. Fiery stuff I tell you. The Spicy Shrimp is pretty good too.

  4. Can’t wait for the list. Right now when I come across one I think you may not have tried I’ve got to pull out the iphone and search the site. An ordered list will make finding them so much easier.

  5. Hans,

    congratulations on your 500th review! The two of us at SuperKuhlWunderBlog watched your video, we really enjoyed it! Perhaps we’ll get a video together for you to watch sometime.


  6. Awesome! Looking forward to more reviews as always! I just love looking at my collection of ramen. Its like stacking bars of gold..except.. ramen. My mom hates it because the bowls take up so much room.

    Also, pakastani noodles? I dont think pakistan is known for noodles.. or pizza.. I dont have high hopes for that one – but you never know. If you are lucky, it might even be “made with japanese technology!!”

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