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#3592: Menraku Tokyo Style “Soup-less” Ramen Rich Soysause – United States

#3592: Menraku Tokyo Style "Soup-less" Ramen Rich Soysause - United States

Herwe’s one that came by way of the guys at www.exoticnoods.com – use the coupon code RAMENRATER15 for a discount! Thanks! Lots of new Menraku varieties pouring out lately… This is a range that is for the US market but made in Japan. So, labeling them US seems logical. Okay – let’s give it a go. ...see full post

#500: Mexi-Ramen Soupless Ramen Shallot Teriyaki Flavor

So my in-laws sent me this unique pack from California. My wife’s dad’s co-worker was eating it and so he got one from him and her mom sent it my way! Thank you! I’ve never heard of Mexi-Ramen before this, nor have I seen it anywhere before. I think my first reaction is confusion: Mexi+Teriyaki+Made In Malaysia+Sold in USA = I’m not sure. So not I shall open the package and attempt to relate what that equation’s solution is… And so… Bring on REVIEW NUMBER FIVE HUNDRED!!! ...see full post