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#1664: Mamee Oriental Noodles Prawn Flavour

Picked this one up this year at the PriceSmart foods in Richmond, BC in Canada during my birthday trip! This is definitely an export version. How do you know? Well, look at the myriad of languages here – French, German, Arabic and English are all here on the front. A lot of companies make export versions and sometimes they’ll make a spicy version which for their local market is spicier than for the export market. There’s so much that goes into figuring out how to tune flavors and such for different places. Let’s check out these Mamee Prawn Flavour instant noodles! ...see full post

#1059: Mamee Oriental Noodles Curry Flavour

As they’d say on Monty Python, ‘and now for something completely different.’ Here are some curry flavor noodles that I got up in Canada during my birthday trip! Curry just sounded good today. This is gonna be one of the few chances to delve into the noodle hamper between Meet The Manufacturer spotlights – got some really interesting ones lined up for ya! Let’s check these curry flavor noodles from Malaysia! ...see full post

#412: Maruchan Midori No Tanuki Instant Soba Bowl

Okay so here’s something completely different for the most part. You’ll possibly remember my review on Maruchan’s Kitsune Udon? Well, this looks the same except its in a bowl whose label has more of a green label. I found the name after a search on Google as all I could read was Oriental Noodles. So something interesting I found was what this stuff’s title translates to – green raccoon! Here’s an except from a page on thisnext.com: ...see full post