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#3003: Chencun The Flavours Of Yunnan China Acid & Peppery Beef – China

#3003: Chencun The Flavours Of Yunnan China Acid & Peppery Beef - China

Here’s one we found at China World in Richmond, BC. The name definitely didn’t translate all that great. I think acid probably will be closer to something like tangy. I mean, acid and beef? Perhaps it could be referring to a process of cooking beef that uses something acidic? Either way I’m fascinated. Let’s see what happens when we open it and cook it! ...see full post

#2869: Chencun The Flavours Of Yunnan China Torpid & Peppery Beef

#2869: Chencun The Flavours Of Yunnan China Torpid & Peppery Beef

Alright so when I found this up at China World in Richmond, BC, I was curious. ‘What’s this torpid all about, anyway?’ Well, Thanks to my friend Kyle, that’s been cleared up. It’s a really bad translation. This really should be Sichuan Spicy Flavor. As far as torpid goes, here’s the definition – ...see full post

#1661: Chencun Senior Food Rice Noodle Fragrant Peppery Beef

Here’s one from low in the hamper that needs reviewing! I’m woindering if perhaps ‘senior’ isn’t the correct word in this one; the title as it is sounds like something for older folks. Perhaps they’re going for something more along the lines of ‘classic?’ I don’t know, but it’s time to review this one – let get to it! ...see full post

#1436: Chencun Rice Noodle Beef With Brown Sauce

These little cups always are a nice surprise. I usually expect that they’ll be funky and gross but they usually have been very good! This one sounds interesting – I’m curious what ‘brown sauce’ means; like brown gravy? The pic on the front looks like wide rice noodles too. Well, it looks like fun to me – let’s crack this one open and see what’s going on inside. ...see full post

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Chinese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2014

China: the birthplace of the noodle. Billions of serving of instant noodles are consumed there every year – more than any other country in the world!  I thought today being Chinese New Year (more widely known as Lunar New Year), it would be an opportune time to release a list of my favorite instant noodles that are made in China. These are the most memorable and finest varieties I have enjoyed from China of the 1,290+ I’ve reviewed over the years. ...see full post