The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Chinese Instant Noodles Of All Time 2014

China: the birthplace of the noodle. Billions of serving of instant noodles are consumed there every year – more than any other country in the world!  I thought today being Chinese New Year (more widely known as Lunar New Year), it would be an opportune time to release a list of my favorite instant noodles that are made in China. These are the most memorable and finest varieties I have enjoyed from China of the 1,290+ I’ve reviewed over the years.

#10: Chencun Noodle Spicy Beef

This variety features rice noodles and a really great spicy beef flavor. I would consider it hearty; something I don’t usually find in a rice noodle based variety. Original review here

#9: Dragonfly Instant Noodles Onion Flavor

This is one of the best onion flavored varieties I’ve ever had. Dragonfly’s noodles are plentiful and of good quality. The onion flavor is full and rich. A bowl I look back on fondly. Original review here

#8: Master Kong Spicy Beef

Spicy beef? You got it! Excellent beef flavor and thick broth along with a slew of great noodles. Original review here

#7: JML Instant Noodle Artificial Stew Beef Flavour

You may be sensing a theme here – beef! What I find most engaging about Chinese beef varieties is that they have this little bit of sweetness that sets them apart from other region’s varieties. This one’s no different and quite enjoyable. Original review here

#6: Uni-President Unif-100 Pickled Cayenne Flavor Beef Ramen

The broth is interesting; it has a sort of beef-vinegar-spicy triumvirate melding together. Usually I’m not a big fan of vinegar and beef, but this worked well. The little peppers? They’re salty and pretty hot. They’re like pickled peppers. Original review here

#5: Dragonfly Instant Noodles Artificial Pork Ribs Flavor

Excellent noodles. The broth has a really nice sweet and meaty flavor – rich and excellent. Original review here

#4: Master Kong Premium Taste Roasted Beef Noodle

Seriously excellent beef flavor in this one. Very rich! Original review here

#3: Dragonfly Instant Noodles Artificial Hot & Sour Shrimp Flavor

Combine full, almost buttery noodles with a broth that has an almost tom yum flavor. Truly unique. Original review here

#2: Dragonfly Artificial Beef Flavor Instant Noodles

Beef again? Yes. Beef is a great flavor and so good in this one. A great beef flavor with an almost bacon like finish. Not only that, the carrot and cabbage hydrate perfectly and add a little crunch. Original review here

#1: Master Kong Potatoes & Stewed Beef Instant Noodles

The broth and noodles come together masterfully and this honestly tastes so good I’m going to say I’m truly sad I don’t have any more of it! It literally tastes like a dish centering on beef and potatoes. I love it. Original review here

Thank you for reading! I hope that if you have a favorite variety from China I’ve not yet reviewed or represent a Chinese instant noodle company that you will contact me. I would definitely like to have a broader base of Chinese varieties to sample and share with the world!

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