Unboxing Time: Isoyama Shoiji ’18 Prohibited’ At Hobby Link Japan

Unboxing Time: Isoyama Shoiji '18 Prohibited' At Hobby Link Japan

Many of you will remember the rematch video I did. I tried the ultra spicy Isoyama Shoji 18 Prohibited instant ramen from Japan. It’s one I haven’t been able to conquer and just seriously spicy. I mean, this stuff just throws down and takes no prisoners! Let’s open this box and look within – not only at the instant noodles, but some other products by Isoyama Shoji.

Isoyama Shoiji ’18 Prohibited’ At Hobby Link Japan – Japan

So not only do we have the ramen as I mentioned, but there’s also three different kind of curry sauces from mild (I’m unsure if mild to them is mild to most) to a hot one. This stuff contains ghost pepper – the bhut jolokia. A fiery monster that will roar and unleash on you like nothing else! Please take care. Hobby Link Japan has asked that I let you all know that this actually can be a dangerous product to some. Stomach problems? Skip it. Heart problems? Probably not for you. This stuff means business, folks! Below I have put where you can get these. Note that Hobby Link Japan mentioned that even though it might say out of stock, they’ll be getting more so if you order it, it won’t charge you until it’s back in stock and on the way to you . Enjoy and thank you to Hobby Link Japan for sending these along!

18+ Extremely Spicy Ghost Pepper Curry Ramen (1 Pack)

18+ Painfully Spicy Ghost Pepper Chicken Curry Hot (1 Packet)

18+ Extremely Spicy Red Pepper Chicken Curry “Mild” (1 Packet)
18+ Painfully Spicy Ghost Pepper Chicken Curry Medium (1 Packet)

All Isoyama Shoji (18+) items:

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  1. I let Google Translate take a whack at the package writing:

    Nutritional information indication (Energy per 103 grams of sculpture 298.7 kcal Warning: Be sure to do it.) Protein 11.1 g 1.5 g: For those under the age of 18, do not eat 60.2 g of carbohydrate Sodium 2168 mg 457 mg 1 Referee Wen Wang, poor condition, weak gastrointestinal should never eat [-1711 mg.]: Inquiries ■ Those who are SS not hard to spare, of course notice the stronger 1 Isoyama Shoji Customers Consultation Room TEL 0291 – 32 – 34 If you eat, please contact 311-1504 Hokota City Abei 1992 in Ibaraki Prefecture (Reception time: Monday ~ e [excluding RB 19: 00 – -17 ■ In case it does not fit your constitution, immediately Stop eating cooking methods ■ In the unlikely event, rinse with e pupil wash water Co., Ltd. 7 Please boil about 700 cc of water thoroughly and immediately receive doctor’s allowance.If you put in noodles and loosen Boil for about 5 minutes, i etc

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