April 9, 2012

Show Your Noodles Week 12

Yup – it’s that time again for another installment of Show Your Noodles. Only one submission this week – I know you guys are out there eating noodles! Take a picture and send it in and become famous(ish)!  Send pics of your ramen meals to [email protected] and they’ll be in next week’s Show Your Noodles!

This week’s entry comes from Jenn R.!

Hey Hans, my family are huge fans of your site! We love and eat ramen 3 times a
week at the very least. Keep up the great work my friend! Well here is one of the
ramen my kids like me to make as often as possible, I boil some red miso and put
the Quorn brand vegan chicken pieces (healthy and they taste good) in it to soak
up the flavor of the broth then I layer the ramen, noodles, faux chicken, canned
corn, raw onion, blanched shiitakes, shrimp lightly cooked in sake, mirin and
soy, and a miso infused boiled egg and the kids walk away happy and full! Ramen
makes everyone happy. STAY HUNGRY MY FRIEND!
Jenn R. Deep South USA!

Thanks Jenn! Looks great – send more for next week if you like!