How Instant Noodles Are Made – Around The World

It dawned on me – why not a ton of videos about how instant noodles are made around the world? Well, here you go!

Somen noodle factory in Japan

Chin Boon Noodles factory was interviewed by Channel U on the “Impact of noodles manufacturers with the increase of Flour price”

Sound Factory – Shanghai Noodle Factory .1970

JTV & EXCELLENT noodle factory (noodle machine)

Rice noodle factory

A Noodle Factory In Rural India

Noodle Factory on CTV’s Sunday Bite

Tsue Chong Noodle Factory Exhibit Videos @ Wing Luke (2011)

instant noodle packing machine line-packing machine-flow wrapping machine

instant noodle manufacter

instant noodles processing line

Making Thai Noodles

A nine part series on the making of MAMA noodles from Thailand!

KC-800 Instant Noodle Making Machine-Pressing Roller-Slicer

Dry Noodle Making Machine

Dashanjiang Noodle Machine: Automatic Instant Noodle Production Line

“Sanuki” Series of Handmade Noodle Making Machines

GwoFong Rice Noodle Machine

Nishiyama noodle factory, where they produce more than 100,000 servings of ramen per day.

Classic Sesame Street film – How Chinese Noodles are Made

Making Noodles in Zanzibar


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