#549: Wings Food Mie Sedaap Supreme Soto Soup Noodle

Something new from Indonesia? Sure why not. The front mentions extra delicious fresh lime as an ingredient – sounds good to me!

The packet on the left has the powdered seasoning and tchili powder and the one on the right has seasoned oil.

Looks good to me – one thing I noticed was that the seasoned oil had a very nice lime scent to it.

This is something quite new to me – after cooking the noodles and the whole shbang is done, you sprinkle this stuff on top. I tasted it but not sure what it is.

The tasty powder apparently is from a plant. What plant? That’s a secret. Oh come on!!! Nope. Secret plant, dude.

Click image to enlarge. I added a couple fried eggs, some fried shallot and some pickled ginger. The noodles are nice – firm and thin. The broth has quite a lime flavor to it and quite a spiciness that went well since I used all of the chili powder. The added ‘tasty powder’ has this indescribable depth to it – almost a woody taste. It was very different. All said and done I liked this one quite a bit. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. Find it here.

Yup – this stuff is good – can’t blame the kid for not wanting to share. He’s grubbin’ on the Mie Goreng (fried noodles) though.

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  1. The special powder inside the package consists of burned fried onions(bad stuff)
    and tastes like the smell of burned automobile tyres.

    just so you know
    and steer clear of this speciality 🙂


  2. I think that powder is called ‘koya’ powder, made from grinded fried-soybeans. Usually we put it in soto to give more flavour. In real soto, some would prefer to make the koya powder with grinded-fried soybeans+grinded shrimp crackers.

    But I’m not sure since I haven’t tried this variant from mie sedap hahahaha.. I’m just guessing, since koya powder is what commonly served in soto-flavoured instant noodles from other brands 🙂 my favorite for soto flavour is Sarimi Soto Koya flavour, another Indonesian instant noodle too 😀

  3. I just got a new idea for a new line of ramen that could be sold in…….specialty type shops. The “final touch” or “special seasoning” would be of “plant origin”, if you know what I mean. And I would utilize those green noodles. It would really make your soup bowl COME ALIVE!

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