Noodle Freak Goes Offline?

Saw this message at The Noodle Freak website today and must say I’m bummed. I think the more reviewers that are out there having fun and doing what we do in glorifying the lowly instant noodle, the better. I must say I’m quite flattered and honored that he has told his readers to frequent my site though. Thank you very much!


  1. Thanks for mentioning the site. Noodles will always be a passion of mine, so you never know if I’ll come back one day. That’s the great thing about permanent hiatuses. Just look at the band Blink-182.

    I’ll be around, checking your site often. 😉

    1. No prob man – by the way, I noticed you’ve reviewed some particularly interesting varieties I’ve never seen before – where do you shop? Also, that Szechuan Noodle place you gave 5 stars to – I think my wife and I may have to give that a try!

      The Ramen Rater

      1. I try to put down the location for all the places I purchase my items from, but basically Uwajimaya in Seattle, Bellevue, and Renton, Ranch 99 in Kent, and H-Mart in Federal Way were my main hot spots. I had no order in trying things, so I just bought whatever was on sale. Not that instant noodles are expensive anyway. >.<

        Szechuan Noodle Bowl is great because the food is fresh (they sometimes make dumplings and noodles on a table in the seating area next to you), but it also holds a special place in my heart because my grandfather used to take me there all the time when I was a lad. So, I might be a tad bit biased. Still, it's always crowded at lunch time, which is a good sign. Would definitely be interested to hear what you think.

      2. Yeah! Used to go to Sun Ya with my family all the time as well. We used to know the manager or the owner or someone and the place seemed to go downhill a little when he moved. Is it still good?

        I had the Pot Noodle sent to me from a close friend over in England. He’s moving back to the States soon.

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