#548: Pot Noodle Original Curry Flavour

Thanks to Cindy C. of Middlesex, England’s amazingly kind donation, we’ve got a myriad of instant noodles from the U.K. to review now! I’ve wanted to try Pot Noodle ever since I heard of it a while back, and so here we go with the first of many, Original Curry flavour!

Wow – an advertisement under the lid – don’t see much of that usually…

So where are the noodles you ask? Underneath this large amount of powder. Quite different from what I’m used to seeing in a cup noodle!

Whoa this is different too – a packet of garnish? Very curious about this one!

Click image to enlarge. Finished product. So I tried it without the mango sauce and then with it – definitely liked it much better with the sauce. The noodles weren’t bad – wide and flat. The broth was rather thick – I noticed that in the seasoning ingredients that wheat flour was rather prominent and I imagine that may have thickened things up a bit. The vegetable weren’t great but they were good to have in the mix. All said and done, for my first foray into the world of British instant noodles, I’m going to say I liked it and give these a 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.  I found that you CAN get them on Amazon here!

Looks like they have pretty funny commercials for this stuff

Pot Noodle on Red Dwarf


  1. You should embed this video in your next Pot Noodle review. Of all the Pot Noodles advert this is the funniest!

  2. Glad to see you have started reviewing the noodles I sent. Yes, the soup of the Pot Noodles is rather thick like western style soup (in contrast to the broth like soup of Asian noodles).

    Of all the Pot Noodle, my fav is Chicken & Mushroom or Bombay Badboy

    1. Right on – yeah it’s thick and heartier than the Japanese or Korean stuff. I’m curious about the sticky ribs kind and especially the ‘doner kebab’ – I’m not even exactly sure what Doner Kebab is other than it’s really popular in Europe I believe? I’m floored with the flavors you sent – Chinese Sparerib, Southern Fried Chicken, and what exactly is Bombay Bad Boy? Strong curry possibly? I can’t wait to delve into all of these! Thanks again!!!

      – The Ramen Rater

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