#492: Noah Foods Phoya Rice Noodsle Soup With Beef Flavor

Never seen this before – I also got a chicken variety as well I’ll review a bit down the road. I like the name – Phoya… Maybe there could be a froyo and pho place called PhoYo? Ya!

Three packets – starting from top going clockwise, we have veggies, seasoned oil and dry powder.

Everything sitting on top of the rice noodle ‘block.’ More like a pillow of them…

All done with a couple fried eggs. So the noodles weren’t all that great – kind of funky. The broth was kind of bland too, and the veggies were unimpressive. They did come with a neat little folking fork you can check out in the 8/30/2011 update of Included Forks: A Special Report. Unfortunately, a spiffy fork does not a groovy bowl noodle make. 2.75 out of 5.0 stars.

Odd lady making beef pho eventually.

I watched this all of the time when I was a kid – this is truly awesome and something I’ve been looking for for a long time!


  1. i think i actually have vi fon pho ga.. i have it on my list of ramens to try. i just got in a shipment of various rice noodles and im trying a new one every night. last night was my first one – oh ricey chicken flavor. interesting, but not my favorite. tonight im gonna try the sun lee pho ga rice noodle bowl. you have a review on it i believe but i think ti was one of the real early ones where you didnt post a picture. im kind of scared to try it because the ingredient label on almost all their ramens shows 0g fat which is clearly wrong xD.. and ive got a stomach condition so i hope i dont get sick from any of these (thats why i go for the rice noodles/non fried variety).

  2. where did you get this? almost no info on the company online and no online stores sell it. i wanna try the chicken flavor.

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