#312: Lucky Me! Supreme Bulalo Artificial Bone Marrow Flavor Instant Noodles

The last of the Lucky Me!’s I have in my noodle box. Bone marrow? Bring it with the beefiness!

I like the labeling on this one. I would go as far as to consider it a thorough extravaganza.

Powdered seasoning on the left, then a mini fork and a bag of weird veggie and fake meatery.

There you see the powder and the meatery fakery and the brick block cake or chunk of noodles. Refer to them however you prefer.

Click image to enlarge. One fried egg is in there. Broth – has a heartiness to it I found interesting- was like stroganoff. Noodles – well, not too super powered here… Veggies – so the floaty chewy things are back with aplomb. Still kind of unsettling and nonchalant. Overall, this fills the belly but that’s about it. The flavor ain’t nothin to write home about. Don’t smoke me a kipper – I won’t be back for breakfast for this one. 1.75 / 5.0 stars.

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