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#2960: Soup Daren Spicy Pork Bone Noodle

#2960: Soup Daren Spicy Pork Bone Noodle

Found this one among others up at FoodyWorld in Richmond, B. I just can’t get enough of Canada – it’s such a nice place with nice people and nice everything. This one looked fascinating – let’s check it out. ...see full post

#2605: Meet The Manufacturer: Nona Lim Pad See Ew Rice Noodles + Vietnamese Pho Broth

Meet The Manufacturer: Nona Lim Pad See Ew Rice Noodles + Vietnamese Pho Broth

So for this Meet The Manufacturer, things are a little different. Nona Lim makes noodles and broths, so you can mix and match them. First, we’ll start with these Pad See Ew Rice Noodles. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Pad See Ew – ...see full post

#2283: Nissin Raoh Pork Bone Soy Soup Noodle

This is another one sent by Colin from the east coast – thanks again! So pork bone broth is hugely popular in Japan and this sounds like a soy and pork variety to me. Let’s check out this premium variety! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1993: Nissin Raoh Tonkotsu

Usually when I make tonkotsu, I add on some barbecue pork. This is what you’d usually find as an appetizer at a Chinese-American restaurant – the bright red edged tasty sliced pieces. Well, I was fortunate and on my birthday, my wife and two sons accompanied me to Uwajimaya, a Japanese supermarket in downtown Seattle. I wanted to find the real stuff – the chashu pork. After a lot of going from one end of the deli to the other, confusion with what I was looking for and finally almost giving up, a man brought me a nice package of freshly sliced chashu pork. I had him slice even more and now I have a nice stash of it in my freezer. This will be the first one I’ll be using this with – pretty excited! Now the bowl version of this product no doubt comes with a dehydrated slice of chashu pork which is very nice too! Let’s have a look at this one! ...see full post

#1050: Knorr Japanese Pork Bone Flavour Quick Serve Macaroni

I’ve had other macaroni quick serve products before by a different brand. I always thought these were interesting. Usually the only thing you’d find in the United States coupled with macaroni would be cheese, but elsewhere, the options are much different. Let’s check it out. ...see full post

#584: Baijia Single Noble Black Bone Chicken Flavor Instant Sweet Potato Noodles

Black bone chicken? Baijia? Well, let’s give it a try. This is the last of the Baijia’s I have.
...see full post

#433: Lucky Me! Supreme Bulalo Bone Marrow Flavor Noodle Soup (Cup)

So This one got reviewed at the studios of KIRO 97.3 FM yesterday – here’s a video of me making and trying it. ...see full post

#312: Lucky Me! Supreme Bulalo Artificial Bone Marrow Flavor Instant Noodles

The last of the Lucky Me!’s I have in my noodle box. Bone marrow? Bring it with the beefiness! ...see full post