October 3, 2013

South Korean Samples From Samyang Foods!

Recently I heard about this recipe using Samyang Foods Budalk Bokkumyeon (Hot fried chicken flavor ramyun). I only have one of the bowls so I needed at least onhe more so I could do a regular review as well as try the recipe. I asked a friend at Samyang Foods if they could possibly send some more and I got a yes! Today this box arrived.

Inside was another box!


Sweet! Two of the bowl versions of the hot fried chicken ramyun! The other is a spicy jjampong.


The two on the right are brand new baked varieties called SBN (Samyang Baked Noodles). They’re geared towards the health conscious. The left is the new Red Nagasaki Jjampong!

I asked if they could throw in a poster and sign it – and they did! Thank you very much for everything!