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Unboxing Time: Mooncake From Prima Singapore

Unboxing Time: Mooncake From Prima Singapore - The Ramen Rater - prima taste laksa curry la mian

I remember discussing moon cake with my contact over at Prima Taste just around a year ago. They mentioned that they made it too – they are primarily a flour company and so make lots of different products that use flour as a main ingredient – instant noodles, bread mix, moon cakes, etc. October 4th this year is the big Mid Autumn Festival over in Asia and moon cakes are a big part of it. They are very dense and ornate and come in very ornate packages for the auspicious occasion. Let’s see what they sent! ...see full post

Product Samples From Happy Noodle Of Taiwan

Got a box today from Taiwan – wasn’t sure what it was at first then realized it was one I’ve been expecting for a couple of months! These are Happy Noodle samples! Let’s have a look! ...see full post

New Very Veggie Cup Noodles From Nissin

New Very Veggie Cup Noodles From Nissin

I saw an article mentioning a new product from Nissin Foods America which focused on a lot of vegetables and thought ‘it’s about time.’ I’ve had a ton of instant noodles in my time and honestly very rarely have I been satisfied with the amount of vegetables in them. I dropped a line to my contact over there and boom – a day later here are samples. Let’s see what’s in this box! ...see full post

Samples From Xiao Ban Mian

Thought it would be good to do a re-review of these – they’re some of my favorite noodles from Taiwan – on this year’s top ten list too! Let’s look within! ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Lotus Foods

A box came today!

A box of product samples – wow these looks interesting…

These are all different kinds of rice that Lotus Foods sells – I’ve had the Forbidden Rice before, but didn’t know they made this many! ...see full post