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#3361: Liang Cheng Mei Sao Zi Mian – China

#3311: Liang Cheng Mei Sao Zi Mian - China

Okay so my lovely wife Kit saw this one up at FoodyWorld in Richmond BC while we were up there. She previously saw the Liang Cheng Mei Biang Biang up there too, and that made the 2019 Top Ten list. She’s got a good track record! Being a person with low vision and light sensitivity, I depend on her a lot when we go somewhere – she will ask me ‘have you seen/ tried this one?’ She doesn’t do it every place we go, but when she does, 99% of the time it’s something I’ve not seen or tried before – she’s got noodle ESP! Let’s check this one out! ...see full post

#2817: Liangchengmei 30S” Hot Bird Noodle

#2906: Liangchengmei 30S" Hot Bird Noodle

Here’s one my wife spied at FoodyWorld supermarket up in Richmond BC! Wow – what a find, eh? This one’s from China and it has some kind of corrupted chicken who’s into metal wearing a leather jacket with spikes (punk rock chicken?) – I quite honestly must say that this is most likely one of the most interesting instant noodle product packaging ideas ever. Little sayings here and there connote a seedy underbelly – ‘devil’s hotness,’ ‘screaming soul,’ and finally ’30SecondsOpen the hot fantasy life.’ I dunno – does it really get any weirder than this? Maybe? I really hope so – I like weird! Well, let’s check this one out – looks hot… ...see full post