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#2808: Super Super Cup Signature White Curry

#2808: Super Super Cup Signature White Curry

I was surprised to find this one in Taiwan – had seen it in images online quite a few times before but yeah – Taiwan! I got this at the Hi-Life store at the Nangang Exhibition Center. I really didn’t think Malaysian food would be popular in Taiwan, but actually I went to PappaRich over there – a chain of Malaysian restaurants.  I’m pretty sure nowhere is immune to the White Curry craze! Strong flavors and spicy broth is pretty good anywhere you go. Let’s crack this cup open and look around! ...see full post

#2584: MyKuali Penang White Curry Rice Vermicelli Soup

#2584: MyKuali Penang White Curry Rice Vermicelli Soup - Bihun Kari Putih - beehoon - The Ramen Rater - Malaysia

This is the third of the rice vermicelli (bihun) varieties that MyKuali has come out with in cups. I was very surprised yesterday – happily so. They now have them at the 99 Ranch store near me – all of their pack range, the rice vermicelli bowls and the cup versions as well. Pretty surprised to see them actually – but it’s a good thing since it seems Malaysian flavors are really making a big punch into the outer world. ...see full post

Product Samples From Nyor Nyar Of Malaysia!

Okay so I live in a small town in between a lot of bigger ones called Kenmore. We get a LOT of power outages here, and it looks like we’re probably going to have one tonight! Remnants of typhoon Songda shot out of the south pacific and made a beeline right for western Washington state. This neat box of samples arrived about an hour ago – I asked for more of these since I really like them a lot and they were kind enough to send some! Let’s crack this box open! ...see full post