Product Samples From Nyor Nyar Of Malaysia!

Okay so I live in a small town in between a lot of bigger ones called Kenmore. We get a LOT of power outages here, and it looks like we’re probably going to have one tonight! Remnants of typhoon Songda shot out of the south pacific and made a beeline right for western Washington state. This neat box of samples arrived about an hour ago – I asked for more of these since I really like them a lot and they were kind enough to send some! Let’s crack this box open!

The inner box!

48 packs! (click to enlarge)

They’re super good (click to enlarge)

I decided before the power goes out I ought to make some (click to enlarge). I added chinese sausdage, mung bean sprouts, fishballs, tau pok, coriander and chilli flake. Thank you – can’t wait to share these with friends!

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