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Unboxing Time: Favorites From CarJEN Foods Of Malaysia!

Unboxing Time: Favorites From CarJEN Foods Of Malaysia!

Usually when there’s a big list coming up, I’ll ask companies to send samples along for re-review. Well, here are a couple from CarJEN Foods of Malaysia! Both of these have graced Top Ten Lists, both past and present. Let’s get to it!

Favorites From CarJEN Foods – Malaysia

A big thanks to the folks at CarJEN for sending these along!

Product Samples From Nyor Nyar Of Malaysia!

Okay so I live in a small town in between a lot of bigger ones called Kenmore. We get a LOT of power outages here, and it looks like we’re probably going to have one tonight! Remnants of typhoon Songda shot out of the south pacific and made a beeline right for western Washington state. This neat box of samples arrived about an hour ago – I asked for more of these since I really like them a lot and they were kind enough to send some! Let’s crack this box open!

The inner box!

48 packs! (click to enlarge)

They’re super good (click to enlarge)

I decided before the power goes out I ought to make some (click to enlarge). I added chinese sausdage, mung bean sprouts, fishballs, tau pok, coriander and chilli flake. Thank you – can’t wait to share these with friends!

Curry Prince Samples From Malaysia

Saw this brand called Curry Prince on facebook and thought maybe they’d like me to sample their noodles. They did!

A small box…

A 4 pack of their noodles! The little pic of the kids and the bike is a well-known piece of Penang street art.

They also sent a couple posters! Thanks – looking forward to trying these!

New White Curry Samples From Malaysia

Was contacted a couple week ago by a fellow who wanted to know if I wanted to try some new White Curry Noodles his company makes. Sure – and here they are!

Here’s the box under the wrapping paper.

Wow – 48 packs! If my friends are seeing this – I can’t eat them all so I can share!

Here’s what the individual packs look like. Think I’m going to try these tomorrow! Thank you!