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#4352: Paldo King Noodle Mild Chicken Flavor – United States

#4352: Paldo King Noodle Mild Chicken Flavor - United States

Thanks to BNB Global for sending this along! So this looks like a ‘king cup’ but I tend to consider them bowls. I’m thawing chicken in the sink right now for this one and the previous two as well. It’s hot – it’s about 8pm and 89 degrees (July 30th) and just been a tough go. We’re about to have a record for most 90+ degree days in the Seattle area ever. It’s gross. So, what do I do? I bake pizzas, cook ramen in boiling water. It’s a challenge. Anyways, hopefully when I do this up tomorrow it’ll be cool in the morning. Let’s hit it! ...see full post

#4350: Paldo Bibim Tteokbokki – South Korea

#4350: Paldo Bibim Tteokbokki - South Korea

This comes by way of BNB Global – thanks! So Bibim Men is a cold noodle dish – you cook and drain the noodle, rinse with cold water and then add the sauce. This is a variety of tteokbokki, rice cake tubes which are soft and thoroughly enjoyable. This uses the same type of sauce as in the cold noodle, however it’s hot. I don’t think chilling tteokbokki would work so well – probably would make them tough. Regardless, this sounds interesting and I’m very interested. Let’s give it a try! ...see full post