#4325: Peyoung Kyushu Tonkotsu Yakisoba – Japan

#4325: Peyoung Kyushu Tonkotsu Yakisoba - Japan

Here’s one that came in a Zenpop.jp box – use coupon code THERAMENRATER for a groovy discount!

Here’s what they had to say about this one – ‘Here’s an original twist to a classic ramen dish: Kyushu’s famous pork bone ramen, tonkotsu (豚⻣) was turned into a Peyang Yakisoba. These
newly developed thin noodles are ready in one minute only and reproduce to a tee the delicious tonkotsu taste. Those are probably the first thin noodles in the history of Peyang with 1
minute of boiling water, but the crunchy texture (called barikata, バリカ タ), representative of Hakata tonkotsu, is a pleasure to eat, and the pork extract of the sauce is more authentic than you’d expect. Mustard and pickled ginger come in to enhance the strong flavors of the pork bone broth base.’

That’s interesting – only one minute cooking time? They also mention a crunchy noodle texture – that’s interesting too – sounds almost like sara udon. Well, let’s give it a try…

Peyoung Kyushu Tonkotsu Yakisoba – Japan

Detail of the outer wraps (click to enlarge). Contains pork. To prepare, remove liquid sachet. Add in remaining sachet and fill to line with boiling water. Cover one minute and drain. Add in sachet contents. Finally, stir and enjoy!

#4325: Peyoung Kyushu Tonkotsu Yakisoba - Japan

Detail of the lid (click to enlarge).

The noodle block.

A large liquid base sachet.

A garnish sachet.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added fried egg, narutomaki, homemade chashu, sesame seed, Kewpie mayonnaise, spring onion, shichimi, and mung bean sprouts. The one minute cooking time was perfect. Noodle is light and thin. Included garnish and sauce were just perfect – a nice tonkotsu flavor which I thoroughly enjoyed. Best Peyoung variety I’ve tried. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.   JAN bar code 4902885007906.

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