Taiwanese Noodle Thanksgiving Bread!

The day before Thanksgiving I didn’t have anything ready to go for review, so I decided why not crank out a loaf of bread? I used Lai Noodle, a product from Hi-Lai Foods of Taiwan. They’d just sent a ton of great samples and so I thought it would be interesting to try. Here we go!

Taiwanese Noodle Thanksgiving Bread!

Watch and enjoy!


  • 5 packs Lai Noodle
  • 1 apple
  • green onions
  • black sesame seed
  • water
  • flour
  • yeast


  1. Cook and drain noodles from a single package.
  2. Add in a cup of water, then the sachets – only one Sichuan oil sachet and all the rest from 5 packs
  3. Add in a cup of flour
  4. Add in sesame seeds (a ton), chopped apple, and green onion, then noodles
  5. Add in another cup of flour and yeast on top.
  6. Set to MEDIUM crust on BASIC in your amazing bread machine
  7. I ended up repeatedly adding flour since the liquid sachets ended up being a lot.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added turkey, black pepper, and whole cranberry sauce. Bread came out delightfully moise. Apple chunks were good as well – and very frequent. As usual, the green onion was almost undetectable; it really shrivels up. I’m thinking of doing a loaf with an insane amount of green onion some time to see if quantity let’s it show up visually. Anyways, it was good – and the noodles stayed good too – you can see them in the bread! Very cool.

A side shot (click image to enlarge). Taking at the dining room table at my late mother’s house where my father used to sit.

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