#1698: Maruchan Instant Lunch Chicken Tortilla Flavor Ramen Noodles With Vegetables

In the last two weeks, I’ve been reviewing varieties from far away – but today it’s time to have one from here in the United States! This is Maruchan’s new variety – chicken tortilla! Got an email from a friend at Maruchan telling me they had a new Instant Lunch variety that they’d like to send me. So, here it is! Sounds like an interesting one – let’s have a look!

Detail from the side panels (click image to enlarge). Contains chicken. To prepare, open lid halfway. Add boiling water to fill line and cover. Let steep for 3 minutes. Stir and enjoy!

Detail of the lid (click image to enlarge).

Seasoning is infused with the noodle block. Noodle blocks sit midway on the cup so that when the boiling water is introduced, it reaches every noodle evenly.

Corn and bell pepper pieces from the cup.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added white onion, red bell pepper, baked chicken and cilantro. The noodles hydrated quite well; always surprises me as to how much food is in one of these cups. Decent texture and springiness. The broth has a kind of spicy chicken taste which was quite nice! The corn and bell pepper hydrated just right. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.UPC bar code 041789001499.

Classic – Maruchan Instant Lunch Chicken Flavor -24/2.25oz

A Maruchan Instant Lunch TV spot from El Salvador!

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