Donation – Some New Arrivals From New York!

Got an email a week or so ago from Michelle L., a fan of the blog. She asked if I wanted to try some varieties she could get in the New York area – you know it!

Click image to enlarge.

What an awesome box! Some brands I’ve never heard of like Wei-Wei (not Wai Wai, Wei-Wei!) and Wei Chuan. Lots of little cup noodles from Little Cook – I didn’t even know they had little cups like that! All in all a great package! Thanks Michelle L.! You’ve got stickers coming your way!

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  1. I actually live a few towns over from where Kam Sen is! It’s about a 30 minute drive there from my house, and about a 10 minute drive from the local community college that I go to which is in the next town over! What a weird coincidence

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