July 3, 2011

#445: iNoodle Taiwan Style Chow Mein

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So anyone who’s seen the top ten list of my all time favorite noodles knows that Sapporo Ichiban’s Chow Mein is up there. I had a fresh noodle – Souper Brand – that was a chow mein variety and liked it very much. This is a Taiwanese version – curious what the difference will be.

Okay so there’s a lot going on for this one. There’s a paste, a dry seasoning and a veggies. These had to be stir fried.

Click image to enlarge. All done. So they’re kind of lackluster; the noodles themselves are great, but with all three packets put in and the little enjoyment I’m getting I feel a little blindsided. There were a couple really hard bits in there that were like tree bark, but there was also a lot of sesame seeds which I enjoy. 2.25 out of 5.0 – just not feeling it; a let down.