#411: Sunlee Crab Flavour Instant Vermicelli

So here’s an interesting looking one. The noodles are made of mung bean! Bean thread! Let’s check out these noodles from Thailand!

Some oil, some powder seasoning and some chili powder. I opted to tread lightly with the chili powder – don’t feel like heartburn right now.

Strange looking noodles, huh? Just you wait…

Click image to enlarge. Weird looking huh? They’re slippery and oft times hard to fork. I usually don’t like bean thread but I like these. The broth is nice and the thread is reasonably enjoyable. 3.25 out of 5.0 stars.

Jeez what did we do? Why don’t we get weenie pizza?


  1. just had the sunlee chicken bowl. i think the biggest problem i have with these is that they only give you 45g of noodles which is just over an ounce. i mean, thats practically no food. and its still got almost a days worth of sodium. i feel like they are just trying to be as cheap as possible – flavor it with salt and give the smallest amount of noodles. i dunno.. felt a little cheated with this brand. woulda rather got a few more noodles instead of a fork.

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