#388: Maruchan Instant Lunch Cheddar Cheese Flavor Ramen Noodles

So been really curious how this one’d pan out. I’ve tried mac and cheese-esque noodles before, but never in a cup…

So its your standard lid. Nothing more, nothing less.

So the seasoning is in with the noodles. It looks like there’s quite a bit of it too., packing 1100mg sodium. I think the Maruchan lower sodium one was 700 something milligrams abd was supposed to be 35% less.

Click image to enlarge. So here’s the deal: it’s not bad. I think it would’ve been a good idea to use less water though. Was like cheese noodle soup. The noodles were broad and very cheesy though, and it was pretty good stuff. We had this stuff along with a couple of chicken and cheese wraps for dinner last night. Was a weird combo. 2.75 out of 5.0 stars. Get it here.

I think this guy’s on to something.


    1. My recommendation would be to use extremely boiling hot water and fill it to just below the line. Then cover it with a dish or a book to really seal it. Then I’d give it twice as long as the time it says for it to sit. That was the noodles will suck up more of the liquid and plump up. I think this would also make the leftover liquid thicker as well.

      Hope that helps!

      – The Ramen Rater

    2. I’d have to agree with Hans. To add on to it, if you’re cooking it in a microwave (Even though it says not to, I know), add a little extra water, cook it for three minutes (put paper towels under it, no matter how much water you use, to get enough water, it’s going to start spilling over at about 2:30, unless you have a crap microwave). This cooks the noodles and makes the noodles soak up the water faster (in my experience).

      Again, how it turns out depends on the microwave.

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