#374: Vifon Shrimp Flavor Mi Tom Asian Style Instant Noodles

I rarely have any issue with a nice shrimp flavor bowl of noodles. These are from Vietnam by Vifon – I’d better cook them up and review them ‘cuz I’m hungry!

Two packets – the blue one is powdered soup base and the yellow is seasoned oil.

So look at that. Nothing special going on but fun to look at! I like how you can see the scratches on the bottom of the bowl – maybe its time to get some new ones…

Click image to enlarge. Added an egg to the boiling noodles. Okay so the broth – very very light. If you’re looking for a lot of shrimp flavor, this isn’t for you. I liked how the shrimp taste was delicate and refined and not a violent cavalcade of salt and funkiness. The noodles were nice – pre-seasoned. I liked this one! I’m giving it 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.

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