#349: Ottogi Ramen Bokki

So I asked my lady Vietnamese, Korean or Filipino noodles today? She said Korean. So I picked this one to try. It’s quite unique as it’s the first round big bowls I’ve ever seen with a drain spout. Let’s begin.

On left we have the liquid soup base. On the right are the veggies.

Here’s the drain spout as seen from the top – you poke little holes where it shows.

See – they’re perforated.

Since I save the lids of all the instant noodles I eat (yeah I have a massive binder of them), I took these and put them in a covered pot of boiled water for four minutes.

I put all of the liquid soup in the bottom of the empty bowl.

Click the image to enlarge. Drained the noodles and veg and returned to the bowl and stirred. It may not be the prettiest, but it’s actually pretty tasty stuff. As far as heat goes, it’s got some. In fact my lips are still burning and I finished it a while ago. I like how it had sweet undertones. I liked the amount of veggies and I also liked seeing a couple pieces of naruto in there. 3.25 out of 5.0 stars.

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