#223: Tat Hui Koka Instant Rice Noodles Laksa Singapura Flavor

So here’s something I haven’t seen before and it looks like there’s a handful of varieties available locally.

The green packet has powder and liquid, the white has veggies and dehydrated shrimp, and the red was coconut powder! Never seen that before!!!

Before everything got the 2 cups of boiling water for 3 minutes.

Click image to enlarge. So here it is. Interesting stuff! I find this to be some of the most enthralling and fascinating broth I’ve found in a bowl noodle. Reminiscent of Tom Yum/Yam but different – I think its the coconut powder. The noodles are really nice too – I like it when rice noodles are like this. The dehydrated shrimp was very tasty too I might add. Lots of veggies too! Very nice – Low cost and high quality – 4.25 out of 5.0 stars. Get it here.


  1. Just stumbled across your blog. Just for your info, laksa is a traditional curry noodles dish that is popular in Singapore. You are correct in that the coconut powder gives the laksa gravy its unique taste, same goes for the dehydrated shrimps.

    In Singapore, laksa is served with cockles, prawns and fried beancurd (tau pok). Funnily enough, the variation of instant laksa that you reviewed is not easily found here. I’m not sure if there’s any export of this particular brand of instant laksa in the States but you have to try the one from Primataste. Only downside is that you have to cook it for around 7mins as per instructions. Hope this bit of info is enlightening. Cheers!

      1. happened to come across your blog and i just wanna add that i’ve tried the one from prima taste and it’s superb! cuz it tastes as authentic and flavourful as those you can get in their hawker centres.

        anw this looks interesting too, i’ve nv had instead flat rice noodles before!

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