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#4062: A1 Mi Kari Laksa Curry Laksa Noodle – Malaysia

This is a special one I’m posting today – it’s the subject of a short film I’m doing as I type this about how I review! I want to thank a fellow instant noodle enthusiast named Andres who was kind enough to donate this to me yesterday – he’s a local who has visited a lot of places in search of instant noodle varieties! This one was found up in Canada. ...see full post

#2688: KOKA Silk Laksa Singapura Instant Rice Fettuccine

#2688: KOKA Silk Laksa Singapura Instant Rice Fettuccine - The Ramen Rater - Singapore

Yet another leftover from the KOKA Meet The Manufacturer series. I’ve still got a bunch more! Wow! So this one should be really great – I love KOKA’s Laksa Singapura every time I try a different version. They make it in quite a few – rice, wheat, fried, non-fried. Let’s crack into this bowl and see what’s within. ...see full post