The Ramen Rater: The Top Ten Instant Noodle Bowls Of All Time

I received an email recently from someone asking if I could do a Top Ten Instant Noodle Bowls list as they found the bowls to be more convenient. I figured why not as soon as some immediately came to mind. I spent some time thinking and the list was complete. So now we have the Top Ten Instant Noodle Bowls – In The World – according to The Ramen Rater.

10 – TableMark Japanese Style Soup Noodle Soybean Paste Flavor – Japan

It’s not very often that an instant noodle comes with a lot of vegetables in the dry packets. This one however did – a nice variety. Also has great soy flavor. Great on its own. Full review here.

9 – Myojo Ramen-Desse-Shio Japanese Style Soup Noodles Oriental Flavor – Japan

Like eating candy. The noodles are very thin and of high quality. The broth had a nice salt taste (Shio means salt) and a good sesame flavor from the oil. I think some chicken, pork or beef would go great in this.
Full review here.

8 – Vifon Korean Style Instant Noodle Kim Chee Flavor Bowl – Vietnam

This one has four seasoning packets as well as a fork! Also has some interestingly fluffy noodles – fluffy but not spongy. A spicy broth and some little bits of garlic made this very memorable. Great with a couple of fried eggs. Full review here.

7 – Nissin Gozen Kitsune Udon – Japan

Wider udon noodles and a nice chunk of fried tofu. When I had this, I added some fried shallots, eggs and some kizami shoga (pickled ginger) and it was magnificent! Full review  here.

6 – Sunlee Crab Flavour Instant Noodle – Thailand

When I first sampled this one, I didn’t expect a lot out of it. I was very happily surprised – the noodles had a very nice and unique quality to them and the slightly spicy crab flavor broth was perfect. Went absolutely perfect with a couple fried eggs – the soft yolk intermingles favorably with the broth.  Full review here.

5 – Nong Shim Bowl Noodle Soup Spicy Seafood Flavor – USA

Good noodles, nice depth and spiciness to the broth and a bit of flair with the veggies – some corn and some naruto in there! Excellent with a couple of fried eggs – and leftover seafood pancake from a local Korean BBQ! Full review here.

4 – Maruchan Instant Oriental Noodles Akai Kitsune Udon – Japan

Flat, broad noodles combine with a very ample piece of fried tofu to make this a delectable bowl of noodles. The tofu comes out as wonderfully sweet and salty. Great on its own or perhaps try with some extra veggies or fish. Full review here.

3 – Tat Hui Koka Instant Rice Noodles Laksa Singapura Flavor – Singapore

These are the only rice noodles on the list – and they’re really good! Excellent flavors including the only powdered coconut packet I’ve ever seen make it a simply wonderful bowl of noodles. Best in its unadulterated form. Full review here.

2 – Menraku Japanese Ramen “Shio” Authentic Ramen Soup – Japan

This was one of the first instant ramen Shio varieties I sampled and it got me hooked. Salt is used here as a flavoring and not a flavor enhancer if that makes any sense. Combined with nice veggies like seaweed, cabbage and corn, this one goes really well with a couple fried eggs on top. Full review here.

1 – Maruchan Midori No Tanuki Instant Soba Bowl – Japan

In this nice little green package beats the heart of a legendary figure in Japanese culture! The tanuki (also known as a raccoon-dog) can be found in front of many ramen shops in the form of a small statue. Tanuki brings good fortune and luck! In this bowl is a round disk of tempura – and it’s really good! Along with excellent buckwheat noodles and a fine broth, add nothing as it’s just perfect. Full review here.

4/12/2012 – Hans Lienesch – The Ramen Rater –


  1. Maruchan beat out Myojo, Nissin, and Nong Shim? Wow! That is surprising to me. Hail Maruchan as the victor!

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