#182: Myojo Chukazanmai Japanese Style Noodles With Soup Base

Looks interesting – so far I have really enjoyed this line by Myojo quite a bit. Seems pretty gourmet…

A powdered packet and an liquid packet…

So the liquid is oil and thick soy sauce – very nice.

Click image to enlarge. So the noodles are very nice – they have backbone and require a chew or two. Very competent out of the gate. The broth is pretty good – sweet and slightly spicy.  I like this stuff but it didn’t stack up to the others I had in this line. I’m tossin it a 3.25 out of 5.0 stars.

One comment

  1. Ate it without any toppings. Noodles had nice consistency. Broth tasted pretty one-dimensional, soy sauce dominant. Kind of bland. Really needs toppings to make this worthwhile.

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