#122: Doll Instant Noodle Shrimp Wonton Flavour

Doll Brand eh? Hmm… Haven’t had any noodles by these guys in a long time. Shrimp sounds good this morning. Let’s give them a try. I like how it also let’s me know that they are yummy by exclaiming that they are yummy right on the front of the package – that’s useful consumer information right there!

Simple yet elegant packet design.

So far so good and then we hit a stumbling block.  Sweet mother this powder stinks! I mean really; I’m disgusted. It smells of rancid seafood. I’m not at all happy.

Until I added the noodles and broth that is! What a 360! Firstly, the noodles are superb for instants. They’re firm and slightly chewy. I like them a lot and they stood out immediately. Then the broth. It’s tasty and has a couple flavors going on – shrimp and onion and the flavors sway back and forth between each other as a bird catching an island breeze at sunset. I found myself slurping on soup then munching on noodles. This is an excellent bowl of noodles! I’m going to say as far as anything proclaiming shrimp flavor on the package, that this is the best I’ve ever had. Yay! So I’m going to give overall a 4.0 out of 5.0 points. Well done Doll! Get it here.


  1. where can i perchase these noodles from? i used to eat the wonton, and chicken noodles about 15 years ago but i cant find them anymore! any help would be much appriciated thank you. also i am from bedford in the uk

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